Our products are processed in modern units equipped with the latest equipment that meet safety and hygiene standards and are certified accordingly.

The freezing process is done using high performant technologies that naturally retain the products properties and do not affect their quality and safety.

Edenia vegetables are frozen using IQF technology (individually quick frozen). In the freezing process we are guided by the principle that states that the sooner a product is frozen after harvest, the greater the amount of vitamins and minerals it retains. For example the spinach, the green beans or the peas are cleaned, selected and frozen in about 3 hours since harvest time.

ca-prodThe quality and freshness of the fish is also based on the advanced quick freezing technology used. The fish is often frozen in the same day it is caught, on specialized vessels. These vessels, called factory vessels or freezer vessels are equipped with special equipment for cleaning, filleting and freezing the fish.

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